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At Wild Rose Education

We teach people 'how to see', to become better observers, and how to take action in the world through our participant-centered learning experiences.​ Wild Rose Education goes beyond what has been and facilitates becoming what can be with environmental education program design, climate change empowerment, and experiential education trainings and workshops.   

Teacher and Educator Professional Development Workshops

Educator trainings for climate change, public lands, and rivers. 

Arctic Science Research Broader Impacts and Outreach | Float Your Boat

Broader Impacts

Assist technical experts to leverage education and outreach strategies.

Climate change, River, watershed, and water curriculum design

Curriculum Design

Design education outreach programs and curriculum resources.

Those we have worked with and for...

Image by Derek Ryder

Outdoor Educator

"The LNT course far exceeded my expectations. I found it intellectually rigorous, generous with practical materials and research literature I will definitely revisit. Sarah clearly loves what she does and has created an incredibly well-organized and engaging virtual course that really stretched my thinking about how to include LNT in outdoor education."

May 2023 Level 1 Instructor Course student

Image by Hans-Jurgen Mager

School Educator

"I'm not sure I've ever taken a class that has completely transformed how I think about teaching and learning, but this class has done just that. Thank you, Sarah!" 

June 2023 Rivers of the West student

Image by Vincent Dörig

School Educator

"Sarah Johnson did a fantastic job facilitating this class! Loved the field work and learning so much! This course provided such useful activities and gave me the skills to integrate them into my teachings immediately." 

June 2023 Rivers of the West student

Image by John Cobb

Outdoor Educator

"I really appreciated the variety of activities and different ways to stay engaged virtually. The instructor was awesome, insightful, thorough, and very easy to work with. I feel prepared to teach more about LNT." 

May 2023 Level 1 Instructor Course student

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