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Are you looking for tools and strategies to facilitate outreach programs, train colleagues, and instruct workshops? You know the technical content, yet you are not a practiced facilitator or instructor perhaps. Our workshops guide you in becoming a more effective instructor and facilitator of community and adult learning experiences. 

Who Participates? 

Outdoor leaders, naturalists, interpreters, public lands folks, guides, and others


What Do We Gain?

Participants strengthen their facilitation skills through an audience-centered inclusive approach to teaching people. A lens of equity and inclusion will be embedded throughout the entirety of the course.  ​

How Does it Happen? 

Using an engaging interactive online format that has been practiced and refined for more than 5 years with more than 400 adult learners in over 40 workshops. There are specific assignment deadlines, synchronous online meetings/classes, and asynchronous on-your-own activities/readings. The zoom course meetings are interactive and engaging and rely on participants full engagement through breakout rooms, editable google slides, padlets, and other online learning tools. They are not recorded.

What We Explore Together

Facilitating vs. Presenting

Consider the unique differences between teaching, facilitating, lecturing, and presenting. Learn when the time is right for each role and become more confident in creating effective engaging learning experiences.

Welcome and Include All

We want all people to feel welcome in our programs. Learn practical inclusion and equity strategies to practice and implement in every step of program design process. 

How People Learn 

Neuroscience research paired with teaching and learning practice is advancing every day. Learn how to practice pedagogy and andragogy (adult teaching methods) skills that integrate what we know about how people learn. 

Who Are My People

Knowing our audience is perhaps the most important strategy to an effective program. You will learn how to find out more about your people in order to create an inclusive and meaningful experience for them. 

Clear Realistic Scope

Creating clear program goals and objectives gives instructors confidence and participants expectations. Learn how to create realistic activity plans that you feel good about accomplishing.

How to Strategies

Explore many practical techniques for facilitation and instruction. These will address multiple intelligences, culturally responsive teaching, learner-centered pedagogy and adragogy. Make it fun!

What Participants and Students Say

Adult Student in November 2023 Course

Image by Vincent van Zalinge
"It is so much more than the stuff I know about.  This course helped me think about HOW to be a good teacher of public lands (or anything, really) so that the information will be RETAINED.  The info about public lands is the easy part, it's how we connect with others that takes the work.  This course was all about connections.  EXCELLENT!"
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